Meet Audrey!

Peace, Family!

My name is Audrey Gentry-Brown. I am a Full Spectrum Birth Sista, Certified Blactation Educator (CBE), Student Midwife, and Medicine Woman residing in Loudoun County, VA. When I am not talking about babies or herbs you can find me tending to plants, in the kitchen whippin' up some serious eats, or coppin' the latest kicks!

I have always had a nurturing spirit. I am the friend that people call on for sound advice, herbal remedies, or when they want their hair did. I always knew that birthwork and traditional medicine were my callings. In 2021, I decided that this would be the year that I started doing what brings me joy!

Birthwork and Herbalism are literally in my DNA. I do this work to pay homage to my Great Aunt who served as the Community Midwife and Nurse in the hills of Glengoffe, Jamaica. I do this work to recall and reclaim the traditions that we have abandoned. I do this work to advocate, educate, and guide our women through a system that has shown us time and time again that we do not matter. I do this work for the future generations. It is my dream for us to birth as our foremothers did, in our homes, surrounded by love. 

I look forward to serving our community with love, patience, and integrity.

With immense love,



"Birth is the Revolution!" - Nicole Deggins, Sista Midwife Productions


Education/Training :

Community Doula, Sista Midwife Productions

Grandma's Hands: Pregnancy, Postpartum Herbs, & Nutrition in the Southern Tradition, Divine Birth Wisdom

Level 1 Herbalism, Essence Herbs

Certified Blactation Educator, The B.L.A.C.K. Course 

Community Breastfeeding Specialist, Reviving The Village Course by YOLO

Grandma's Hands Level 2: Deep Time, Divine Birth Wisdom 

Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Essentials Provider

BLS CPR Provider

Student Midwife (NARM PEP Process)