1. What is a Birth Sista? Are you a Doula?

Great question! Yes, technically I am a Doula, however, I prefer to be called a Birth Partner or Birth Sista. 

2. Are you a midwife?

Not yet! I am currently a Student Midwife. As a Birth Sista I do not catch babies. I am a non-medical support professional.

3. When should I hire my doula?

The earlier the better! If you are planning a natural, unmedicated birth it is imperative that you hire a doula ASAP! It takes time to cultivate a true connection with your Birth Sista and to develop the skills needed to birth as the creator intended us to. 

4. Do you support homebirths?

Absolutely! In fact, I prefer to attend homebirths. As African descendants, birthing at home is apart of our culture. Yes, we have culture! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

5. Do you attend doctor's appointments?

Certainly, we will discuss things like should you decide to hire me.

6. Are you comfortable with attending freebirths?

I might be open to it! Each situation is unique. Please book a consultation and we can determine if I am a good fit for your vision.

7. Do you accept insurance?

Not at this time.

8. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, Shop Pay and Klarna are available for virtual support offerings. If you are an in-person support client I will provide additional details on payment plans via email.

9. How many clients do you take a month?  

I strive to take on no more than two clients a month. This ensures that I am able to provide each client with premium support.

10. What if you are unavailable when I go into labor?

This has yet to happen, however, I do have an amazing backup Doula who shares my same philosophy. I will provide opportunities to connect with her virtually.

 11. Do you offer placenta encapsulation or tinctures?

My work is all about reclaiming Black birth & postpartum traditions. Placenta consumption is not apart of my culture so I do not offer those services. Instead I provide a placenta rites of passage ceremony for my clients to honor the work this sacred organ completed.